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I am not any religion at this present moment or I was buddhist but I am not for sure as of right now and it just becomes a great big portion of chaos and yeah; does it say ANYWHERE in the bible any bible that it's not right to date outside of their religion?

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if i'm not a moslim i would say :the understanding between the husband and wife would break any religous barriers . MB wrote "That is why I almost prefer my spouse to be someone without strong religious convictions.

I don't really care what they identify with, as long as they are open minded, can have meaningful dialogue, and do not force others to see the "correctness" of their religion." This is in many ways close to my situation, in which my wife and I have different religious upbringings, but neither of us feel we have the "right way" for, religion is not a strong part of our lives -- it is not something we count among our supports the way many people do.

Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all abrahamic religions adhering to monotheist beliefs. Hence for men following any abrahamic religion, it is allowed to marry someone from a different abrahamic religion without either having to convert, and if the partner belongs to another religion such as Hinduism, she should convert.

However, it is always appreciated to marry within the religion.

My religion prefers me not to date outside of my own relgion but it dosen't forbid it..

As someone whose very existence is owed to two people of different cultures coming together and hooking up—I’m multiracial—I can’t help but to be an advocate for dating outside one’s culture, and in certain cases, race for that matter.we aren't supposed to date out of our religion? (we are not the same religion) there is also this other guy who is the same religion as me and...we aren't supposed to date out of our religion? (we are not the same religion) there is also this other guy who is the same religion as me and i really like him but we dont really know eachother too well and my family is really encouraging me to go for him instead of the other guy.. do you think it is worth it to try and work it out or just date the guy of my own religion? I have gone to church with my friend a few times and he has asked me alot about what i thought and everything and if i would be willing to go to church with him on a regular basis...Instead, you need someone who you love, who understands you, cares for you, loves, respects and trusts you, someone with whom you can spend your life.Religion is a way of life, and both of you can lead a happy married life even when you practice different religious beliefs.

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but my family would literally be heartbroken if i did that..

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