Libra dating libra

The Libra is represented by the scales, which symbolizes his or her defining characteristic: a desire for balance or harmony.If you have feelings for a Libra, you will need to be patient, romantic, and prepared to treat him or her to the finer things in life.

Scorpio wants a relationship and eventually marriage.This lover is often indecisive because they don't want to leave anyone out or hurt anyone's feelings. Scorpios are passionate and sensual in the bedroom. A beautiful, elegant atmosphere is perfect for treating Libra like a king or queen.They are diplomatic in love and life, and want to be smothered with affection. Libra has the open-mind toward sex that Scorpio finds cohesive to their adventurous sexual style.A Libran man can answer all your questions, but he cannot solve the puzzle of your typically girlish dreams.He likes to maintain a balance in everything he does and that includes love too.

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