Watch polyamory married and dating showtime dating profiles for stevedallas

Kamala and Michael are legally married to each other, as are Jen and Tahl.

The four of them refer to themselves as "the Pod." Season 2 premiered on August 15.

Polyamory Season 1 debuted on July 12, 2012, Season 2 premiered on August 15, 2013.

The show is currently on hiatus, with no new episodes planned, but has not been definitively canceled by Showtime.

Michael, Kamala’s husband, has been dating Rachel for a few months.

In the current scenario - Megan should have moved out as well, there's no reason why her and Chris are still having a relationship while he's trying to fix things with his wife.

Megan certainly isn't interested in fixing things nor has she made any efforts to reconcile or confront her other lover.

I love the Chris, Leanne & Megan trio - this is just drama.

Megan needs to get to stepping, she's a home wrecker.

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